What We Do

Apply the principals of engineering and plant science alongside years of experience to help cultivators:


  • Boost production quality and capacity

  • Increase energy and resource use efficiency

  • Secure biological, microbial, and food safety

  • Reduce labor intensity

  • Comply with regulatory agency demands

  • Improve asset value and profitability

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Professional Technical Services

Our level of involvement can vary from short-term consulting activities to active management of project related tasks

management consulting - Integratedbio

Management Consulting

Our unique understanding of CEA related challenges allows us to effectively perform technical feasibility studies.

project planning project management - Integratedbio

Project Planning

Our planning and project management services make our client’s vision come to fruition on-time and within budget.

project engineering and design - Integratedbio

Engineering and Design

Our engineering and design services align a project’s function, scope, cost, and schedule with our client’s objectives.

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing

Our procurement services ensure all supplies, equipment, and materials are sourced in an efficient manner.

construction support - Integratedbio

Construction Support

Our construction services are focused on quality, on-time delivery, and safety. We mobilize to get it done right.

technical support - Integratedbio

Technical Support

Our operational services are focused on increasing production capacity, product quality, and operational efficiency.


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Who We Serve

Progressive cultivators and their investors, design professionals, and construction contractors

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